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Bertha Lum Dancers raised woodblock

Auction Date: May 15, 2020

Sold for: $600

Lot: 255

(American 1869-1954)
Hand colored raised line woodblock print.
Sheet: 18 3/4 x 24 5/8 inches.
Signed lower right: Bertha Lum.
NOTES: While living in Peking in 1922, Lum developed a new type of print, often referred to as a raised line print, of which the print at auction is a excellent example. First, she molded wet paper over a carved wooden block. After the paper dried, she hand painted the embossed paper using the raised lines to delineate the areas of colors. In contrast to her woodblock prints, which were printed by artisans to look almost exactly alike, Lums raised line prints often had significant variations in colors. It is not known how many raised line prints were made from each key block, but the editions were likely much smaller than her woodblock prints.

Auction Date: May 15, 2020

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