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Attrib. to Jing Hao: Important Landscape Hand Scroll

Auction Date: June 19, 2023

Sold for: $33,825

Lot: 8187

Ink and color on paper hand scroll mounted on paper and brocade silk, with blank frontispiece.

The postscript is attributed to Tang Yin ( , 1470-1924) and Weng Zhengming ( , 1470-1559) the title slip is attributed to Chen Banding ( , 1876-1970). The U shape flatten jade scroll fastener carved on one side with archaistic cloud motif, the revised side incised eleven characters in regular script, reading: Qianlong Yushang, Jing Hao Autumn Evening on Mount Chu scroll ( ).

The scroll bears approximately forty seals, including a rectangular Shiqu Baoji ( ) seal the collectors seals including: Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799): , Emperor Jiaqing (1760-1820): Emperor Xuantong (1906-1967): : , , , Ke Jiusi (1290-1343, Yuan Dynasty) : , Bi Yuan (1730-1790) , .

Postscript inscription of Tang Yin in regular script:

Ancient and modern painters cannot be compared. If Hong Guzi can be called a giant in painting, then increase his brush intention, which is vigorous and without stiffness or weakness. It is as stunning and sublime as a hundred-foot high mountain towering in the blue sky and is impossible to climb or scale. Since the Song and Yuan dynasties, more than half of the painters followed his style. It goes without saying that having skill and ink only set apart the ones with true talent. How can a crow be enough to depict its beauty The monk in Qinan Monastery has recently obtained this painting and it is a precious treasure. It is to be displayed and shared with astonishment alongside other fine works with Wang Mojie and Jiang Qianqiu. Its truly a fear that it wont be easy to find such a treasure again. Tang Yin composed this piece at the Hu Guang Ge.

The inscription is signed with six different pseudonyms Tang Yin used, including Liuru Jushi and Tang Baihu, and accompanied by three of his personal seals, Wu Chao, private seal of Tang Yin, Liuru Layman Tang Baihu Liuru Jushi.


( ):

Postscript of Weng Zhengming in running script (Xing Shu):

The art of landscape painting began with Li Sixun, Li Zhaodao, Wu Daozi, and Wang Wei in the Tang Dynasty. Later on, Jing Hao was added to the mix. By combining the best of many styles, they set the standard for landscape painting. Jing Haos The Tricks of Brushwork (referring to his calligraphy and painting techniques) is truly profound, and every single word can be emulated. We cherish this work. Mr. Wang recently received this painting scroll in the hands of the soldiers in Jintai, this painting whose artist was undoubtedly very fond of it, as it is suddenly scattered into the world. Isnt that the power of the Creator Upon closer inspection, the ink strokes resemble those of the great master, Wu Daozi, and the color choices are like those of Li Sixun. The trees and rocks are very similar to Wang Weis Wangchuan Picture. I believe that in this scroll, all the elements of landscape painting are present as the ancients used their techniques to express emotions. There has never been anything haphazard about it. Thats why when it comes to a master of the complete painting, there is none. But Jing Guans paintings are undoubtedly better than those of Huang Zijiu, the one who served as a vassal to the North. People have been singing Jing Guans praises for four hundred years, and his skill is not just an exaggeration. This was written by Wen Zhengming on the 22nd day of the twelfth month of the Zhengde Year.

Seals and inscriptions (three seals of Wen Zhengming): Zheng Zhong, Wen Zhengming seal, Wuyan Room seal.

( ) : , , .

Image size: approximately 254 x 11 inches (645 x 27.9 cm).
Provenance: From an estate collection of a Piedmont California family.

Jing Hao (about 850-911) was a famous artist in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (907-979 AD, Chinese: ).

The poem Autumn Evening on Mount Chu ( ) is a famous work by the Chinese poet Li Bai ( ).

English translation:

Autumn evening on Mount Chu,
Mist wraps the mountains peak.
The setting suns last rays imbue
The trees with colors rich and sleek.

Faintly, from the valley below,
An old fishermans song is heard,
As twilight deepens and the glow
Of evening spreads with gentle word.

Oh, how Id love to linger here,
Gazing at this tranquil scene,
Until at last the night draws near,
And all the world is soft and green.
Condition: Wear, repaired, foxing, creases, and losses. Ask the Asian Art Department for more information.

Auction Date: June 19, 2023

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