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How to Bid

Internet Bidding

Michaan's is delighted to offer live internet bidding through Michaan's Live! and through LiveAuctioneers. Wherever you are and wherever the auction is taking place, our online bidding platforms allow you to bid on your computer, iPad or smart phone. Bids are received in real time and you are competing with bidders in the auction salesroom.

Michaan’s Live! (our online bidding platform) is thirty percent (30%) buyers premium of the first $250,000 of the bid price, twenty-five percent (25%) of the amount of the bid price over $250,000.00

Live Bidding

The most exciting way to bid at auction is the traditional live method on the sales floor with an auction paddle. Clients intending to bid in person must register on the day of the auction with a photo ID and a numbered paddle will be assigned at that time. Once the auction begins, the auctioneer will announce each lot in numerical order as listed in the catalog and then the bidding will open. Bidding then progresses in sequentially higher increments. To place a bid, simply raise your paddle for the auctioneer to view your bidder number. If no one tops your bid, the auctioneer will state that the item is sold, then announce the hammer price and your paddle number.

Telephone Bidding

Clients unable to attend the sale may still participate live at the auction by bidding via telephone with a trained staff member. The completed and signed bid forms must be received prior to the auction. The Telephone Bid Form is available on our website, at the back of our printed catalog and through our Customer Service Department. Note: Michaan's Auctions is unable to conduct telephone bids for Annex Auctions

Absentee Bidding

For buyers unable to participate live in the salesroom or on the telephone, we offer the option of leaving absentee bids. Absentee bids work exactly as if the bidder were in the salesroom bidding up to his or her own predetermined price limit. A trained staff member will bid on your behalf alternately against other bidders until the bidding ends. In the event that the other bidders drop out before reaching the full amount of your absentee bid, you will purchase the lot at the next increment. The Online Absentee Bid Form is available on our website, at the back of our printed catalogue and through the Customer Service Department.

Bid Increments

Minimum Value Maximum Value Expected Bid Increment
from US $0 to US $49 US $5
from US $50 to US $199 US $10
from US $200 to US $499 US $25
from US $500 to US $999 US $50
from US $1,000 to US $1,999 US $100
from US $2,000 to US $ 4,999 US $ 250
from US $5,000 to US $9,999 US $ 500
from US $10,000 to US $19,999 US $ 1,000
from US $20,000 to US $49,999 US $ 2,500
from US $50,000 to US $99,999 US $5,000
from US $100,000 and above US $10,000