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Tiffany Studios Dragonfly Lamp, $75,000/90,000

December 7, 2019 Gallery Auction

Tiffany Studios Dragonfly Lamp
A superb example of a 20 inch dragonfly cone shade with strong coloration graduating from mottled blue purples at the upper section to greenish blue at the lower rim. This shade is unusual in that all of the Tiffany glass cabochon jewels are plated with an extra layer of glass on the interior creating a deeper coloration.
The shade is mounted on a rare bronze "Twisted Vine" base which has a striking patina of green with brown highlights.
The shade is signed "Tiffany Studios New York 1495-29". The dash number on this shade indicates that the Tiffany Studios considered this piece to be a superior example of the Dragonfly Cone model. The base is signed "Tiffany Studios 443" with the addition of a number '3644" scratched into the base plate underside.
The diameter of the shade is 20 1/4 inches. Overall height is 26 inches. This lot is accompanied by an original purchase receipt showing the sale on October 21st, 1949. The lamp plus the accompanying hanging dragonfly pendant (the subsequent lot in this sale) originally cost $35.00, and has remained in the same family since its purchase in 1949.
Condition: Several hairline cracks to the shade.
Estimate $75,000/$90,000