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Emmanuel Pontremoli Attributed Rare Set of Klismos Chairs for Villa Kerylos, $10,000/15,000

Winter Fine Sale, December 6, 2019

Emmanuel Pontremoli Attributed Rare Set of Klismos Chairs for Villa Kerylos, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France Emmanuel Pontremoli (1865 - 1956).
Set of eight: two armchairs and six side chairs. Elmwood, concave crest rail joined to inset seat fitted with leather straps by downswept supports raised on saber legs. The two designs differ in that the side chairs have a broader crest rail.
Villa Kerylos, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France. Villa Kerylos was designed circa 1900-1910. The interior furniture originally installed circa 1910. These chairs are circa 1950 - 1960.
{Approximate dimensions: Armchairs 38 high x 21 3/4 wide x 27 1/2 inches deep. Side chairs 37 1/2 high x 19 3/4 wide x 26 inches deep.}.
Property From a San Francisco Apartment designed by Steven Volpe.
Cf: Inventaire general du Patrimoine culturel Region Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. IM06000634.
Illustrated: Saeks, Diane Dorrans: San Francisco Style, p. 36
Condition: Overall wear is appropriate for the age. One of the armchairs reglued. One side chair with a number of concentrated scratches to the back rail. The French eboniste Jean-Louis Bettenfeld (1872 - 1964) built the original chairs Pontremoli designed circa 1910. The inlay pattern to the chair backs on the first sets of chairs was a little more complicated than in the present example. Over time, a few sets of chairs have been utilized due to the dramatic design such as the delicate legs and step curve to the klismos back.
Michael Hampton, Steven Volpe's assistant at the time, recounts finding the chairs for Mr. Volpe in his own blog,
Estiamate $10,000/$15,000