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October Gallery Auction


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Ten Wizard of Oz Hardback Books, Nine Illustrated by John R. Neill

Lot# 1

Reilly Lee, Bobbs-Merrill.
Ten Wizard of Oz Stories: The New Wizard of Oz 1944, The Land of Oz 1939, Ozma of Oz 1907, Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz 1908, The Patchwork Girl of Oz 1913, Tik-Tok of Oz 1914, Rinkitink in Oz 1916, The Lost Princess of Oz 1917, The Tin Woodman of Oz 1918, The Cowardly Lion of Oz 1923
Hardcovers, with illustrations by John R. Neill and Evelyn Copelman.
Condition: MInor wear to edges and corners. Slight darkening to the page edges.

Estimate: $300 - $400

Framed Stained Glass Demilune Window

Lot# 77

Orange glass panes, accented with green bands, and a central wreath with green ribbon.
Approximate dimensions: 25 high x 45 inches wide..
Condition: Slight bend and bulg to the glass. Wear to the wood frame. Cracks/manufacturing defects to the thin amber glass band.

Estimate: $300 - $500

Four Eastern European Folk Art Painted Wood Boxes

Lot# 150

19th century and later.
All four decorated with painted floral motifs. Two boxes with slide-top lids, the other two with hinged lids. One with the Hungarian COA painted to the front panel.
Approximate dimensions from smallest to largest: Small slide-lid box 3 1/2 high x 4 1/2 wide x 7 1/4 inches deep, medium slide-lid box 6 3/4 high x 9 1/2 wide x 14 1/2 inches deep, Hungarian box 11 high x 16 1/4 wide x 10 1/2 inches deep, large hinged lid box 12 high x 22 3/4 wide x 12 1/2 inches deep..
Condition: Minor wear to painted motif, general wear appropriate for the age.

Estimate: $600 - $800

Continental Provincial Painted Wood Hanging Shelf with Two Drawers

Lot# 153

Dated 1838.
Two shelves with green and white pattern cloth lining, above two short drawers, which read Anno 1838, the black painted floral decorated sides have names which read Johan Helfrich and Elisabeda Beierin.
Approximate dimensions: 30 1/4 high x 29 1/2 wide x 8 1/4 inches deep..
Condition: Wear and staining to the cloth lining. Wear and minor loss to the painted areas. Wear to wood frame includes previous insect damage.

Estimate: $400 - $600


J.E. Stuart Sunset Glow: Mt. Shasta and Mt. Hood oil on board

Lot# 221

(American 1852-1941)
Sunset Glow, Mt. Shasta from Sissons Cal and Sunset Glow, Mt. Hood Oregon
Oil on board.
12 x 18 inches Frame: 14 3/8 x 20 1/2 inches. 12 x 18 inches 14 1/2 x 20 1/2 inches.
Signed and dated with inventory number lower left: 2843 J.E. Stuart, Nov 10, 1921 annotation verso: No. 2843- 12 x 18- 1500- Sunset Glow- Mt. Shasta from Sissons Cal. / painted Nov 10 1921 J.E. Stuart. Inventory numbered, signed and dated lower left: 2824 / J.E. Stuart / Oct. 3, 1921 annotated verso: No. 2824- 12 x 18- 1500 / Sunset Glow, Mt. Hood Oregon / Painted Oct 3, 1921 / J.E. Stuart.
(Condition: Please contact fine arts department for a full condition report.)

Estimate: $2000 - $4000

Fernand Leger Still life with blue vase lithograph

Lot# 283

(French 1881-1955)
Still Life with Blue Vase
Color lithograph.
Sight: 15 5/8 x 18 3/4 inches Frame: 24 1/8 x 26 3/4 inches.
Signed lower right: F. Leger numbered lower left: 60/75.
CONDITION: In overall good condition, when examined out of the frame the sheet is not laid down but is hinged at the top with archival tape. There is discoloration to the image and in the margins. The colors are bright with no visible tearing to the paper or abrasions to the image.

Estimate: $500 - $700

Takesada Matsutani Kukan-1 and La Propagation Neon B screenprint

Lot# 291

(Japanese b. 1937)
Kukan-1 and La Propagation Neon B
Sheet: 30 3/4 x 22 3/8 inches. Sheet: 30 5/8 x 22 3/8 inches.
Dated, signed in English and Japanese lower right: T. Matsutani 70 numbered and titled lower left: E/A KuKan-1 printers mark lower left corner. Dated and signed in both English and Japanese lower right: T. Matsutani 70 numbered and titled lower left: 23/50 LA Propagation Neon B.
(Condition: Please contact fine arts department for a full condition report.)

Estimate: $400 - $600


Paco Gorospe 4 Women Walking oil on canvas

Lot# 303

(Filipino 1939-2002)
4 Women Walking
Oil on canvas.
24 x 36 inches Frame: 30 3/4 x 43 1/4 inches.
Signed and dated lower left: Paco Gorospe 67.
(Condition: Please contact fine arts department for a full condition report.)

Estimate: $300 - $500

Hanging Scroll of Hunting Scene Song Dng Style

Lot# 728

Anonymous artist , Ink and color on silk, Rong Bao Zhai Instute 1958. on the back of the scroll.
approximately 19 x 15 inches
minor damages and folding mark

Estimate: $600 - $800