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March Annex Auction


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Asian Art

Lot# 179

Group of Four Chinese Soapstone and Metal Seals

The first of a russet stone with coral-red inclusions, surmounted by a mythical beast, with a Tianjin Cultural Relics Bureau seal the second of a well-polished stone of variegated reddish-gray tone with icy white speckles the third of a grayish-russet stone, carved in relief with a feline, incised with a two-line inscription at front and the fourth, a set of three nesting square metal seals.
Largest: 7 x 2 1/8 inches (17.8 x 5.4 cm).
Condition: All with overall surface wear from age and use. The third with chips. The fourth with some corrosion.

Lot# 182

Three Chinese Jun Ware Vases

The first, modeled as three conjoined rams surmounted by a cylindrical neck and wide flared mouth, raised on six tall legs atop a hexagonal base, each side with a narrow rectangular aperture, the underside incised Song Renzong and bearing five spur marks the second, of apple-shaped section issuing a chicken head spout, the tall waisted neck centering a molded disc, the shoulder encircled with molded lappets, the base with a further inscription and spur marks the third, of pear shape with a slightly flaring neck flanked by double scrolling handles, surmounted on a bulbous base with two heart-shaped openings and a two-character mark that reads Nei Fu to one side, three spur marks to the underside.
Tallest: 9 1/8 inches (23.2 cm).

Lot# 188

Chinese Fa Hua Pottery Jar and Vase

Jar in green yellow glaze pottery, the vase in blue and brown.
Approximate height of vase, 8 1/4 inches, jar 7 3/4 inches.

Lot# 194

Chinese Yixing Teapot and Cover

The cylindrical body with a tapered conical spout opposing a long handle, one side slip-decorated with a landscape, the other side with butterflies and bamboo leaves, the cover with a finial suspending two twisted-rope loops, the base bearing an impressed makers mark reading Youlan mizhi.
Height: 4 1/2 inches (11.5 cm).
Condition: Chip to the cover.

Lot# 197

Two Japanese Kutani Porcelain Items and a Wooden Statue

The porcelain figure of a seated lady dressed in layered robes decorated on a pink ground with a parcel-gilt floral design, holding a dog with the right hand the porcelain vessel with a cover, modeled after a hexagonal pavilion with double chimera handles suspending rings, the pierced sides decorated with peony blooms and foliage below mythical beasts alternating with phoenixes, supported on six tapered feet beneath six beast masks and stylized lingzhi heads and the carved wood standing figure clad in long loose-fitting garments, the right hand raised and the left gracefully extended alongside the body, with traces of gilt and red pigment, mounted on a rectangular wooden base.
Tallest: 15 1/4 inches (38.7 cm).
Condition: The wooden statue with some age-related wear.

Lot# 212

Chinese Yixing Teapot and Cover

Dated from late Ming to early Qing Dynasty.
The compressed body tapering towards a domed cover surmounted by a carved bird finial, the poetic inscription around the upper body interrupted by a gently curved tapering spout and a loop handle, the base bearing an incised three-character makers mark reading Hui Meng Chen.
Height: 3 inches (7.5 cm).

Lot# 213

Chinese Guan-Type Mallet Vase

The cylindrical body gently flaring towards a canted shoulder and rising to a tall straight neck, covered overall in a pale blue glaze, inscribed Gu and Bing in red.
Height: 10 7/8 inches (27.6 cm).

Lot# 224

Chinese Longquan Celadon Bowl

The rounded flaring sides rising from a short tapered foot to a slightly everted rim, incised to the interior with foliate meanders, applied overall with a crackled glaze of pale olive-green tone.
Diameter: 7 1/4 inches (18.5 cm).
Condition: Original firing flaws to surfaces.

Lot# 228

Four Soapstone Carvings and a Boxwood Figure

The pierced double dragon and bird group, carved from a single stone of pale celadon tone with large areas of dark gray inclusions two carved grayish-celadon figures of boys with balls, one with a wood base a three immortals group, carved from a mottled russet stone, with a wood base and the finely carved boxwood figure of a lady with a child, in a brocade-cover box.
Tallest: 8 1/2 inches (21.6 cm).

Lot# 233

Chinese Brown Glaze Foliated Tea Bowl

Of conical form, the lobed sides covered with a thick chestnut glaze that thins to mushroom on the edges and terminates unevenly above the foot to reveal the reddish-brown stoneware body.
Diameter: 7 3/4 inches (19.5 cm).

Lot# 561

Attrib. to Wu Yingyang: Street Scene

Watercolor on paper, signed in Chinese in lower left margin, framed and glazed.
Size of the image: 20 x 14 1/4 inches (51 x 36 cm).

Lot# 848

Chinese Framed Famille Rose Figural Plaque

Finely embellished in polychrome enamels with a narrative scene of the Dream of Red Chamber, inscribed with a six-character Qianlong mark lower left, framed and glazed.
Size of the frame: 15 1/2 x 15 1/2 inches (39.4 x 39.4 cm).

Lot# 1027

Attrib. to Zhang Daqian: Pomegranate Tree

Ink and color on paper, inscribed and signed, with two seals of the artist.
Size of the image: 37 x 13 inches (94 x 33 cm).

Lot# 1272

Group of Chinese Framed Embroidered Panels

The first, a pair of pale blue-ground silk and gilt embroidered panels of butterflies, framed and glazed the second, a pair of pale blue-ground silk and gilt embroidered panels, each depicting two flower vases and a tripod censer, framed and glazed the third, a kesi silk and gilt embroidered panel of two horseback warriors, with appliqued black borders, mounted in a wooden frame with a stand.
Largest: 25 5/8 x 13 inches (65.1 x 33 cm) framed.
Condition: The second with small areas of staining and loose threads. The third with tears, water stains, loose threads.

Lot# 1275

Group of Six Chinese Embroidered Panels and Piano Shawls

Comprising four silk piano shawls with macram fringing and two silk embroidered panels.
Approximate size of the largest excluding fringe: 50 3/4 x 61 1/2 inches (169.5 x 196.9 cm).
Condition: Fraying, staining.

Lot# 1282

Japanese Kimono, Together with Three Piano Shawls

The pale green silk ground is embroidered with birds in flight among bamboo, with knot details to the sleeves together with three floral design silk piano shawls with macram fringing.
Size of the kimono: 58 1/2 inches (148.6 cm) long, 58 inches (147.3 cm) across.
Condition: The kimono with areas of staining, fading, loose threads, minor losses.

Lot# 1996

Chinese Cloisonne Tripot Censer with Dragon Handles

The compressed globular body rising from three tall cabriole legs to a short, gently flared neck and applied with a pair of loop handles, embellished with flowers borne on polychrome foliate meanders, the base with a four-character mark in zhuanshu script.
Width: 8 3/4 inches (22.2 cm).
Condition: Small areas of enamel loss, some wear and production-related flaws to surfaces.

Lot# 1997

Wucai Glaze Figural and Lotus Motif Jar

Possibly 18 or 19th century.
Of baluster form, decorated with two boys clinging onto sinuous vines issuing large peony blooms amidst foliate scrolls, the base with two concentric circles in underglaze blue.
Height: 12 1/4 inches (31.1 cm).
Condition: Wear throughout.

Lot# 2040

Chinese Painting of Pine and Crane

By unidentified artist, ink and color on silk, depicting a crane perched on rock under gnarled pine tree, signed: Yu shan nushi Zeng Xiang with one seal.
Size of Image: 40 x 18 1/2 inchs.
Foxing, discoloration, soil and repaired.

Lot# 2441

Chinese Celadon Porcelain Guanyin Figure

Seated in the position of royal ease atop a rock base, clad in loose-fitting robes adorned with fringed jewelry, double-lotus headdress and a pointed ushnisha, the glaze of a pale sea-green tone.
Approximate height: 13 inches (33 cm).
Condition: Damage to a finger.

Lot# 2474

Chinese Ming Blue Glazed Double Gourd Pottery Vase

Of flattened double gourd shape, carved in relief of scrolling floral tendrils.
Height: 15 6/8 inches (40 cm).
Condition: Glaze loss to edges, production-related crazing throughout.

Lot# 2507

Nine Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Plaques

Each plaque is delicately painted with birds and trees,three plaques inscribed with a signature Yu Cheng (1904- 1969).
Approximate size of the largest: 12 x 8 inches.
(Condition: Chipped on the edges).




Books and Manuscripts


Ceramics and Glass

Lot# 2220



Lot# 2220



Lot# 218

Vintage Sessions Bull Durham Tobacco Wall Clock

Wood case round dial with roman numerals the black reverse painted glass door with a gold bull standing by a sign that reads ROLL YOUR OWN, with the words GENUINE BULL DURHAM TOBACCO below.
SESSIONS to the dial.
Approximate dimensions: 19 3/4 high x 10 inches wide..
Condition: Patina to the paper dial, very light wear overall. Has not been wound or tested.
Winder and pendulum included.

Lot# 1371

Five Antique Cameras with Accessories

Comprising Red Bellows 4 x 5 wood view camera circa 1890 two 4 x 5 view cameras circa 1910 and two Kodak box cameras circa 1920 accessories comprising vintage lens attachements and Kodak pamphlets.
Condition: Red bellows camera lens is loose. Minor wear throughout.

Lot# 1538

Vintage Sessions Camel Cigarettes Wall Clock

Wood case round dial with roman numerals the black reverse painted glass door with a gold lettering Id walk a mile for a and a gold camel in Egypt landscape below.
Approximate dimensions: 19 3/4 high x 10 inches wide..
Condition: Patina to the paper dial, very light wear overall. Has not been wound or tested.
Winder and pendulum both included.



Lot# 171

American Studio Pottery, Blue Vessel

Thrown by hand, with inverted mouth, tapering straight sided cylindrical form with textured body and round foot light blue glaze with a hint of green around the mouth.
Impressed diamond to the underside.
Approximate dimensions: 7 1/4 high x 6 inches diameter..
Condition: Minor wear to underside.

Lot# 420

Large Brass Horse Figure

Provenance: Previously from the Estate of Rahm (Kodarahm) Kermani.

Lot# 430

Brass Cloisonne Vase

Provenance: Previously from the Estate of Rahm (Kodarahm) Kermani.

Lot# 445

Silverplate Samovar

Provenance: Previously from the Estate of Rahm (Kodarahm) Kermani.

Lot# 573

19th Century Framed Sepia Toned Photograph

Circa 1880.
Forrest landscape scene depicts a river delta surrounded by trees.
Appproximate dimensions: 25 3/4 wide x 21 3/4 inches high..
Condition: Some restoration and wear to the frame, with conservation board backing.

Lot# 904

Pair of Venetian Style Carved Gilt-Wood Prickets

Gilt finish with patina and a slightly silvered tone.
Approxiomate dimensions: 26 1/2 inches high..
Condition: Surface wear, patina, and minor gilt loss throughout.

Lot# 982



Lot# 982

Lot# 1276

Jean-Michel Folon (1934-2005), Face a Face, Serigraph on Aluminum

Circa 1971.
In a round blue frame, from a serious of 300. Produced by LAtelier Marquet a Paris.
Signed Folon in black enamel. French label to the reverse details origin and background information.
Approximate dimensions: 19 3/4 inches diameter..
Condition: Several very small scratches to the blue ground.


Dolls and Toys


Ethnographic Art

Lot# 151

Two Native American Papago Woven Baskets

Comprising a two-tone basket with angled straight sides terminating in a small round base and a three-tone basket with angled straight sides terminating in a wide round base.
Approximate dimensions: Two-tone basket 4 1/2 high x 10 7/8 inches diameter, three-tone basket 3 high x 10 inches diameter..
Condition: Light wear overall.

Lot# 178

Two Naga Hair Pins, Circa 1930

Dyed animal hair wrapped with thread on wood pins.
With 898A catalogue sticker.
Approximate dimensions: 16 inches long..
Similar examples in The Nagas: Hill People of Northeast India: Society, Culture and the Colonial Encounter by Julian Jacobs, page 217.
Condition: Very light wear overall.

Lot# 181

19th Century Ifugao Sacrificial Punamhan Ceremonial Carved Wood Offertory Box with Contents

Circa 1860.
Contents consisting of dehydrated beetle nuts, seeds, a round black stone, egg shells, rice husks and fiber.
Red David Howard Tribal Arts sticker to the underside 12325A catalogue number.
Approximate dimensions: 3 7/8 high x 7 1/2 wide x 6 5/8 inches deep..
Similar examples in The Last Filipino Head Hunters, page 55.
Condition: Patina and evidence of use.

Lot# 183

Palawan Boar Tusk Necklace and Bracelet, Circa 1920

Board rusks wrapped in undyed fiber necklace with black stones.
Catalogue stickers.
Approximate dimensions: Bracelet 5 7/8 inches diameter, necklace 17 inches long..
Condition: Overall condition consistent with age and use.

Lot# 186

Collection of Padaung Jewelry with Comb Including Published Bracelets

Comprising 5 publishedbrass bracelets, 2 pairs of silver metal drop earrings, and a silver metal incised comb.
Catalogue stickers.
Approximate dimensions: Bracelets 2 1/2 - 3 inches diameter, comb 8 1/2 inches wide..
Bracelets published in TenSoutheastAsianTribe from Five Countries by David Howard, page 90.
Condition: Minor patina.

Lot# 199

Two Native American Woven Baskets, Apache and Papago

The Apache example with, rounded walls woven with a mandala-type pattern executed in dark tones the Papago example angled meeting a flat base, woven with a geometric L motif.
Approximate dimensions: Apache example: 3 1/4 high x 10 5/8 inches diameter, Papago example 2 3/4 high x 7 5/8 inches diameter..
Condition: Both with minor patina and surface wear. Very minor loss to some weaving on the Apache example. The Papago exampe with more significant weaving loss, mainly around the rim.

Lot# 201

Yao Published White Metal Ceremonial Crown, Circa 1930

Wrapped woven black rope inserted with two silver metal hair-pins crowned with silver metal pins surrounding an incised silver metal disk with small finial.
Paper label with red David Howard Tribal Art sticker.
Approximate dimensions: 6 1/4 high x 7 wide x 9 1/2 inches long..
Published in Ten Southeast Asian Tribes from Five Countries by David Howard, page 49.
Condition: Rope with minor fraying.

Lot# 202

Composite Photo, Portraits of 20th Century Artists

Portraits comprising Keith Haring, Christo, Nam June Paik, Ed Moses, Roy Deforest, David Howard, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Arman, Chris Burden, Charles Arnoldi, David Rabinowitch, Lowell Nesbit, and Mark Kostabi.
2/51, Signed Lower Right DH (David Howard).
Approximate dimensions in frame: 12 1/8 high x 5 1/4 inches wide..
Condition: Minor marks to frame.
With COA.

Lot# 203

19th Century Tribal Yao Kim Mun Lantien Sha Yunnan Celestial Crown

Circa 1880.
Hand-hammered mixed white metal that features woven human hair dyed black hand woven organic fibers holds human hair in place and more than 82 individual metal elements of edging pins that orbit the center of this Southeast Asian Old Pawn Crown 2 hand-woven black fiber loops are on the backs opposing sides.
Red David Howard Tribal Arts sticker 1139A catalogue number.
Approximate dimensions: 5 1/2 inches diameter..
Similar examples in The Yao: The Mien and Mun Yao in China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand by Jess Pourret page 144 illustration 355 and page 164.
Condition: Some patina and signs of use.

Lot# 207

Batak Bamboo Arm Bands, Circa 1920

Five combined bamboo bands with red textile wrapping and fringe.
Red David Howard Tribal Art stickers catalogue sticker 481A
Approximate dimensions: 4 inches diameter..
Condition: Overall condition consistent with age and use.

Lot# 220

Pre-Columbian Colima Pottery Standing Male Figure

Wearing headdress, earrings, and shirt posed with hands on hips.
Approximate dimensions: 8 high x 4 1/2 inches wide..
Condition: Surface wear throughout. Small glue deposit on back.

Lot# 222

Set of Five Published Padung White Metal Bracelets

Hammered metal round bracelets.
Each with paper label bearing red David Howard Tribal Art stickers.
Approximate dimensions: 2 3/8 - 3 1/8 inches diameter..
Published in Ten Southeast Asian Tribes from Five Countries by David Howard, pages 90 and 91.
Condition: Very light wear overall.

Lot# 223

Ifugao Kankanay Wood Bowls, Circa 1870

Round bowls the larger bowl with carved figures to the exterior dark brown patina.
Red David Howard Tribal Art stickers catalogue stickers.
Approximate dimensions: Larger bowl 4 high x 6 3/4 inches diameter, smaller bowl 2 1/2 high x 4 3/8 inches diameter..
Condition: Overall condition consistent with age and use.

Lot# 227

Six Padung/Naga Excavated Coils, Circa 1840

Oxidied brass coils of various size.
Approximate dimensions: 2 1/4 - 4 1/2 inches high..
Similar examples in Ten Southeast Asian Tribes from Five Countries by David Howard, page 79.
Condition: Significant rust and patina.

Lot# 929

Two African Oromo People Forked Pilgrim Staffs

East Africa.
On custom black metal stands.
Approximate dimensions not including stands: 63 - 65 1/4 high x 26 1/4 - 14 inches wide..
Condition: Sticks are polished and smooth from general use.

Lot# 1111

19th Century African Yoruba Mami Wadda Cult Standing Mother Shine Figure

Circa 1880.
Two rattan wrapped animal skull pendents hang from the mothers neck threaded though traditional Yoruba textiles textile wrapped ankles silver ankle bracelet is wrapped around the left ankle a Double Entwined Snake with an arrow through ita is on the back 2 Children Hug the Standing Female Figure, 1 on the front and the other on the left on a black stand.
Red David Howard Tribal Art sticker 144 catalogue number.
Approximate dimensions not including the stand: 25 1/4 high x 8 wide x 8 inches deep..
Condition: Loss to the feet. Surface wear and patina throughout. The piece does not stand up property with the included base, the foot must be propped up.

Lot# 1372

19th Century African Igbo Danced Mask

Circa 1870.
A painted wood mask white and black water based paint on a custom black metal stand.
Red David Howard Tribal Art sticker a3013 catalogue sticker 121 catalogue sticker.
Approximate dimensions not including the stand: 14 1/2 inches high..
Ex-Dave Deroche collection.
Condition: Patina and wear to the surface. Crack with apparent repair to the horn.

Lot# 1539

African Yoruba Fly Whisk with Carved Handle

West Africa.
Carved wood handle with figural finial mounted with bronze the whisk portion appears to be warthog hair on a custom black metal stand.
With Xanadu Tribal Arts retail tag.
Approximate dimensions not including stand: 23 1/2 inches high..
Condition: Overall wear and patina consistent with tribal use.

Lot# 1740

19th Century Vietnamese Red Yao Zao Dao Tribal Rifle

Circa 1860.
Non-functional completely intact flint lock rifle features hand carved bone inlay steel barrel bronze fleur-de-lis floral inlay on the flint lock bronze trigger guard hand carved wooden stock.
Red David Howard Tribal Art sticker.
Approximate dimensions: 49 1/4 inches long..
Parallels: Similar examples are illustrated in The Yao, page 186, numbers 494-495. Also, a similar example of a Red Zao rifle is illustrated in Ten Southeast Asian Tribes From Five Countries, by David Howard page 185, and in the Peoples of the Golden Triangle, by Paul Lewis page 283.
Condition: No apparent loss, some restoration, good antique condition. Bone piece to the butt is loose.

Lot# 1990

Two Pre-Columbian Cuenca Type Blackware Pottery Vessels

Comprising a wedding vase and a vessel with a narrow spout set on a handle, and animals in relief to the sides.
Approximate dimensions: Wedding vase 5 high x 4 1/4 wide x 3 5/8 inches deep, animal relief vessel 8 high x 4 3/4 wide x 4 1/4 inches deep..
Condition: Wax deposits to wedding vase interior, surface wear throughout.

Lot# 2006

Yao White Metal Necklaces, Circa 1880

With incised decoration one necklace with fabric remnants.
Approximate dimensions: 7 1/8 - 8 1/4 inches diameter..
Condition: Overall wear appropriate considering age and use.

Lot# 2007

Padaung Red Textile

Blue, green, yellow, and white stripes on a red ground
Red David Howard Tribal Art sticker catalogue sticker 972A.
Approximate dimensions: 68 long x 40 inches wide..
Similar examples in Ten Southeast Asian Tribes From Five Countries by David Howard, pages 78 and 91.
Condition: Some fraying to the ends. Blue stain to the red ground.


Fine Art

Lot# 426

Two Framed Bird Prints

Provenance: Previously from the Estate of Rahm (Kodarahm) Kermani.

Lot# 510

Tavik Frantisek Simon Flower Market colored etching

(Czech 1877-1942)
Flower Market
aquatint etching
sight: 13 1/2 x 16 inches frame: 19 7/8 x 23 inches
signed in pencil lower right: T.F. Simon number lower left: 67.

Lot# 514

Richard Overstreet Scenes from Bohemian Life 5 oil on canvas

(American 1980s)
Scenes from Bohemian Life- No. 5 (right panel), 1984
oil on canvas,
46 x 40 inches,
signed, dated and titled verso on center stretcher bar: Richard Overstreet 1984 / scenes from bohemian life- No. 5 (right panel).
label verso from the San Francisco Museum of Modern art: SECA Art award 1985.

Lot# 567

Kirkman Amyx Trio archival pigment

(American 20th century)
Archival Pigment Print.
Sight: 9 1/2 x 8 inches Frame: 15 x 13 inches.
Signed in pencil lower right on the mat K. Amyx titled, dated and signed verso: Trio / 2006/2010 (image taken in 2006, printed in 2010) / K. Amyx.
Provenance: Purchased from the San Francisco Academy of Art Alumni auction 2010.

Lot# 572

Karel Appel Green Floating Passion silkscreen

(Dutch 1921-2006)
Floating Green Passion, 1975
sheet: 30 x 40 inches overall with frame: 33.25 x 42.75 inches,
signed and dated lower right: Appel 75, numbered lower left: 37/60.

Lot# 589

Hans Bellmer Notes pour la nouvelle Justine engraving

(German 1902-1975)
Notes pour la Nouvelle Justine, 1968
Sight: 11 1/2 x 9 inches Frame: 17 1/8 x 14 5/8 inches.
Signed in pencil lower right: Bellmer.

Lot# 596

Laurie Frankel Untitled interior color photograph

(American 20th century)
Untitled Interior
Color photograph.
16 x 16 1/4 inches Frame: 17 x 17 3/8 inches.
Unsigned, from the collection of the artist.

Lot# 1030

Four Frames, Sketch of The Royal Exchange and the Bank of England, London, Signed Right Side by Marjorie C. Bates, Fishermen Carrying Bucket Together, Signed Lower Right by Juilan Leun, Woodblock Print of Peniscola Cathedral Entrance, Signed Lower Right, Print of Alley Way, Signed on Left by Pinson

Lot# 1164

Marcus Uzilevsky Alice Altman, NYC, Sidewalk and Go mixed media offset print collage

(American b.1937)
Go, Sidewalk and Alice Altman, N.Y.C.,
mixed media offset print collage,
sheet: 22.25 x 18 inches, sheet: 22.25 x 19 inches, sheet: 21.5 x 18.25 inches,
signed in ink lower right in image, signed in pencil lower right margin: Uzilevsky and titled in pencil lower left: Go. signed in gold ink lower right in the image signed in pencil lower right margin Uzilevsky and titled in pencil lower left Sidewalk. signed in ink in the image lower right, signed in pencil lower right margin Marcus Uzilevsky titled in pencil lower left margin: Alice Altman, NYC.

Lot# 1175

Elis Gudmann Samurai II metal wall sculpture

(American 20th century)
Samurai II, 1998
hammered metal wall sculpture,
20.25 x 14 x 2 inches,
signed and dated lower right: Gudmann 1995 with artist label verso.

Lot# 1178

Marcus Uzilevsky Defections mixed media offset print collage

(American b. 1937)
mixed media offset print collage on black paper mount,
sheet: 27.75 x 22.5 inches,
signed lower right: Uzilevsky titled and numbered lower left: Defections 21/90.

Lot# 1180

Marcus Uzilevsky 333 East and Virgin mixed media offset print collage

(American b. 1937)
333 East and Virgin
mixed media offset print collage,
both sheets measure: 22.25 x 18.5 inches,
both signed in ink lower right in the image, signed in pencil lower right margin: Uzilevsky and titled in pencil lower left.

Lot# 1230

Ruby Walker Usher Village Woman Holding Pot watercolor

(American, 18891957)
Village Woman Holding Pot, circa 1940,
watercolor on bone
sight: 3.5 x 4.5 inches, overall (framed): 14 x 11 inches
signed upper right: Ruby W. Usher

Lot# 1265

After Rembrandt Self portrait with Saskia etching

(Dutch 1606-1669)
Self Portrait with Saskia,
etching, later impression (20th century)
plate: 4.25 x 3.75 inches frame: 15.625 x 15 inches
signed and dated in the plate upper left corner: Rembrandt 1636
Notes: Figural print, considered by some to be a marriage portrait, depicting the artist seated at a table with his wife Saskia, the man wearing a fanciful plumed beret and a fur-trimmed overcoat, the woman wearing a veil.

Lot# 1266

Simon Segal Hills of Normandy oil on canvas

(French 1898-1969)
Hills of Normandy,
oil on canvas,
22.25 x 29 inches overall with frame: 31.5 x 38.25 inches,
signed lower right.

Lot# 1546

Richrd Overstreet 2 figural scenes from Bohemian life ink

(American 1980s)
2 Scenes from Bohemian Life (figural 1 and 5) 1984
ink sketch on paper
overall with acrylic frame: 16.625 x 13.625 inches (both)
each is signed with initials and dated 1984.

Lot# 1550

Richard Overstreet 2 Scenes from Bohemian Life ink

(American 1980s)
2 Scenes from Bohemian Life (1 and 5) 1984,
ink sketch on paper,
overall with acrylic frame: 16.625 x 13.625 inches (both),
each is signed with initials and dated 1984 lower left.

Lot# 1626

Rick Steward untitled couple bronze

(American, 20th century)
Untitled Couple, 2004
welded steel,
19.25 x 8.5 x 1.75 inches,
signed and dated verso: Rick Steward, 04.

Lot# 1924

Judith and Craig Kolb 3 Light of India Series silver gelatin prin

(American 20th century)
3 Light of India Series
Silver gelatin print
Seated Man: sheet: 19 1/2 x 12 12 3/4 inches. (2) standing girl: ) sheet 19 x 15 1/8 inches. All three mounted: 28 1/8 x 22 1/8 inches
Each is signed below the image on the mount: Judith and Craig Kolb.