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June Gallery Auction


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Wallace Sir Christopher Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Service

Lot# 1

Comprising 12 dinner knives, 12 butter spreaders, 8 dinner knives, 4 luncheon knives, 12 salad forks, 8 seafood forks, 9 bouillon spoons, 12 teaspoons, 3 iced tea spoons, 3 tablespoons, 1 pierced tablespoon, 1 demitasse spoon, 1 carving knife and 1 fork, 1 cake server, 1 master butter knife, 1 meat fork, 1 gravy ladle, 1 cream ladle, 1 sugar spoon, 1 lemon fork, 1 bon bon spoon, 1 jelly server, 1 pair of sugar tongs. (97 pieces total).
Marked WALLACE, stag head, STERLING, PAT. 94060.
Approximate weighable silver: 3,584 grams..
Condition: Light wear overall.
Canteen available.

Estimate: $2000 - $2500

Alvin Sterling Silver Flatware

Lot# 2

Evangeline pattern comprising 4 butter spreaders, 4 dinner forks, 5 luncheon forks, 11 round soup spoons, 5 teaspoons, 4 demitasse spoons, 1 gravy ladle, 1 cream ladle, 1 marrow scoop, and 1 jelly server additional pieces comprising Watson Mount Vernon 6 ice cream spoons, 5 Gorham teaspoons, 1 Gorham demitasse spoon, 1 Alvin teaspoon, and 1 coin silver R Swan teaspoon. (51 pieces total).
All pieces with appropriate markings.
Approximate weighable silver: 1,256 grams..
Condition: Minor wear, teaspoons with significant wear.

Estimate: $900 - $1200

Towle Lady Diana Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Service

Lot# 3

Comprising 24 dinner knives, 10 butter spreaders, 12 dinner forks, 11 luncheon forks, 11 salad forks, 12 seafood forks, 12 ice cream forks, 4 tablespoons, 12 oval soup spoons, 12 bouillon spoons, 16 teaspoons, 11 demitasse spoons, 1 casserole spoon, 1 berry spoon, 1 meat fork, 1 cream ladle, carving fork and knife, and 1 pie server all with K monograms. (154 pieces total).
Marked Towle mark, STERLING, PAT. 1928.
Approximate weighable silver: 4,166 grams..
Condition: Minor wear throughout.

Estimate: $2000 - $3000

Towle and Lunt Sterling Silver Flatware

Lot# 4

Towle Debussy pattern comprising 10 dinner knives, 9 dinner forks, 9 salad forks, and 11 teaspoons Lunt Modern Victorian pattern comprising 5 dinner knives, 1 butter spreader, 5 dinner forks, 3 salad forks, and 6 teaspoons additional pieces comprising Towle French Provincial Pattern 1 dinner fork and 1 gravy ladle.
With appropriate markings.
Approximate weighable silver: 2,054 grams..
Condition: Minor wear overall.
Canteen available.

Estimate: $1400 - $1600


International Prelude Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware with Additional

Lot# 5

Comprising 8 dinner knives, 8 butter spreaders, 9 dinner forks, 9 salad forks, 8 seafood forks, 8 bouillon spoons, 8 teaspoons, 1 meat fork, 1 gravy ladle additional pieces comprising 9 Kirk Stieff sterling handle dinner knives, and 7 wood handled butter spreaders. (76 pieces total).
Marked INTERNATIONAL, sallet, STERLING, R, Prelude.
Approximate weighable silver: 1,824 grams..
Condition: Light wear overall.

Estimate: $1300 - $1500

English Crichton Brothers Sterling Silver Flatware

Lot# 6

London, England.
Comprising 12 tablespoons, 4 round soup spoons, 12 oval soup spoons, 24 dinner forks, 12 luncheon forks. (64 pieces total).
Marked r, lion head, lion passant, LAC.
Approximate weighable silver: 4,226 grams..
Condition: Minor wear overall.

Estimate: $3000 - $3500

Various English Late 18th Century Sterling Silver Flatware

Lot# 7

Circa 1790.
Comprising 4 Thomas Wallis II 1793 tablespoons, George SmithIII William Fearn 1794 3 place spoons and 1792 1 teaspoon, 4 IB 1790 place spoons, 4 IL 1794 place spoons, WS 1790 1 place spoon and 10 1792 teaspoons, and 1 RC 1792 teaspoon. (27 pieces total).
Approximate weighable silver: 814 grams..
Condition: Minor wear overall.

Estimate: $500 - $800

Gorham Lily of the Valley Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware

Lot# 8

Comprising 8 dinner knives, 1 butter spreader, 8 dinner forks, 8 dinner forks, 7 bouillon spoons, 10 teaspoons, 2 fruit spoons, 4 tablespoons, 1 gravy ladle, 1 meat fork, 1 pickle fork, 1 pie server, and 2 piece salad server with wood implements. (54 pieces total).
Approximate weighable silver: 1,714 grams..
Condition: Some wear and tarnish.

Estimate: $1000 - $1500


Wallace Sterling Silver Grand Baroque Flatware With Additional

Lot# 9

Grand Baroque comprising 8 dinner knives, 8 steak knives, 8 butter spreaders, 8 dinner forks, 16 salad forks, 8 seafood forks, 8 bouillon spoons, 16 teaspoons, 2 tablespoons, 1 pierced tablespoon, 1 gravy ladle, 1 sugar spoon, 1 cake server, and 8 napkin clips additional pieces comprising Wallace Violet pattern 2 tablespoons and 1 dinner fork, and two unrelated serving tongs. (99 pieces total).
Marked WALLACE, stag hear, STERLING.
Approximate weighable silver: 3,264 grams..
Condition: Light wear overall.
Canteen available.

Estimate: $1800 - $2500

Wallace Violet Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware

Lot# 10

Comprising 8 dinner knives, 8 butter spreaders, 7 dinner forks, 8 salad forks, 8 bouillon spoons, 16 teaspoons, 8 demitasse spoons, 1 tablespoon, 1 sugar spoon, 1 carving knife, 1 unassociated silver plated ladle. (67 pieces total).
Marked RW, stag head, S, STERLING.
Approximate weighable silver: 1,664 grams..
Condition: Light wear overall.
Canteen available.

Estimate: $900 - $1200

Chinese Sterling Silver Platter with Dragon Motif

Lot# 11

The round platter with repousse dragon motif to the rim.
Impressed with YECHING / STERLING to the underside.
Approximate dimensions: 13 1/2 inches diameter. Approximate weight: 880 grams..
Condition: Minor surface scratches throughout.

Estimate: $300 - $500

Russian .84 Silver Faberge Style Boar

Lot# 12

Boar seated on its hind legs.
Marked Cyrilic Faberge mark, face in profile, 84.
Approximate dimensions: 5 1/2 inches long. Approximate weight: 236 grams..
Condition: Light tarnish and surface wear.

Estimate: $800 - $1200


Dominick Haff Sterling Silver Art Deco Bowl and Pair of Weighted Candlesticks

Lot# 12A

The bowl with a flared rim, on a round base with four feet, monogram to rim the candlesticks with tapering slender stems, monograms to the round sloped feet.
Bowl marked diamond circle D.H in rectangle mark / STERLING / AH 268 / 11 1/2 IN / SHREVE CO. candlesticks marked STERLING / BASE LOADED / 56.
Approximate dimensions: Bowl 11 5/8 inches diameter, candlesticks 12 1/2 inches high. Approximate weighable silver does not include the weighted candlesticks: 742 grams..
Condition: Tarnish and surface wear to bowl. Candlesticks with tarnish, surface wear, and bends to the catch cups.

Estimate: $500 - $800

Tiffany Studios Zodiac Cigarette Box

Lot# 14

Hinged lid wood lined interior.
Impressed with TIFFANY STUDIOS / NEW YORK / 1660 to the underside.
Approximate dimensions: 2 1/8 high x 4 5/8 wide x 3 3/4 inches deep..
Condition: Patina to the surface.

Estimate: $300 - $400

Eight Art Deco Hutschenreuther Porcelain Table Articles

Lot# 15

Green ivy pattern comprising 3 platters diminishing in size, 2 9 1/2 serving bowls, 2 8 serving bowls, and gravy boat with attached underplate.
Green underglaze HR / Hutschenreuther / Selb / BAVARIA to undersides, some with handwritten numbers in blue also impressed faintly with HR in circle.
Approximate dimensions: Platters 13 1/4 - 18 1/4 inches wide..
Condition: Small serving bowl with 3/8 chip to corner. The other with chip to edge and 1 crack resulting. 2 hairline crack to 8 serving bowl with small chip. Gravy boat underplate with 1 3/8 flake chip to corner. Smallest platter with 7/8 chip to foot. Several flaked chips to largest platter foot. Light surface wear and glaze wear.

Estimate: $300 - $500


Collection of Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Blue Fluted and Lace Table Articles

Lot# 16

Comprising 2 cake stands, one on pedestal foot the other on round foot small pitcher 2 coffee pots of various form hexagonal bowl 2 small lidded and handled jars, one with spoon cut-out creamer small navette form tray 4 shakers round bowl 2 7 1/2 leaf form trays with 1 10 3/4 tray of the same form rectangular tray with pinched sides and ends rectangular tray with bulging sides and ends 11 teacups 4 4 3/4 saucers 4 5 1/4 saucers and 3 5 3/8 saucers. (42 pieces total).
Condition: Teacup with stained hairline crack. Visible repair to coffee pot lid bearing the short spout. One cake plate with 1/8 loss to lace edge. Several light flake chips to the other cake plate rim underside, not visible from the top. 7/8 loss to pinched tray edge. 2 medium saucers with hairline cracks. The saucers with light chips to the pointed accents along the edges.

Estimate: $500 - $800

Seven Meissen Blue Onion Porcelain Table Articles

Lot# 17

Comprising a soup tureen, coffee pot, 2 teapots of various size, 2 crescent form trays, and 1 small bud vase.
undersides all with crossed swords mark and various numbers impressed.
Approximate dimensions: Tureen 9 3/4 high x 12 inches wide, coffee pot 10 1/2 inches high, teapots 4 3/4 - 5 1/2 inches high..
Condition: Miniscule chip to coffee pot flower finial, and repair to 3/8 chip on spout. Larger teapot with 1/8 flake chip to lid, miniscule chips to floral finial, 3/8 chip to spout edge. Light surface wear throughout.

Estimate: $300 - $500

Wedgwood Porcelain Black Florentine Pattern Dinner Service

Lot# 18

Gilt edged bone china with black grotesque motif comprising 12 dinner plates, 12 shallow soup bowls, 12 salad plates, 12 cups with 12 saucers, 1 teapot, 1 creamer, 1 open sugar bowl, 1 gravy boat with 1 underplate, 2 covered vegetable servers, 1 cake plate,1 13 3/4 platter, 1 15 1/2 platter. (70 pieces total).
Marked black amphora / WEDGWOOD / Bone China / MADE IN ENGLAND / FLORENTINE / W4312.
Condition: Minimal wear overall.

Estimate: $400 - $600

Paris Porcelain Figural Group of a Man on Horse Back with a Jaguar

Lot# 19

The man holding a pistol in each hand while riding a bucking horse, pointing his right pistol at a Jaguar in the brush behind him.
Approximate dimensions: 10 1/2 high x 9 3/4 long x 4 1/2 inches wide..
Condition: Minor wear to parcel gilt trim. Chip to horses ear with potential minimal repair to the other ear. Apparent strange stained hairline crack to the back of the robe. Apparent repair to pistol in the left hand.

Estimate: $300 - $500


Four Chinese Export Porcelain Garniture Vases

Lot# 20

Including two matching pear-shaped vases and two matching slender baluster vases, each potted similarly with fluted sides rising from a splayed foot to a quatrefoil mouth rim, molded around the shoulder with a red mouse and swirling vines above polychrome enameled figures.
Tallest vase 6 3/4 H.
Provenance: Property from the Estate of Arthur Thomson, San Francisco, CA.
Condition: All vases with chips, hairlines, enamel loss, some wear to surfaces, some crazing to glaze.

Estimate: $400 - $600

19th Century Masons Ironstone China Platter

Lot# 21

Decorated with Indian Tree style motif in pink, yellow, red, and green.
Dark purple transfer mark reads MASONS / crown / PATENT IRONSTONE CHINA.
Approximate dimensions: 19 1/4 wide x 15 1/2 inches deep..
Condition: Loss to orange trim around the edge. Minor loss to glaze throughout. Minor surface wear to the underside.

Estimate: $300 - $400

Delftware Pottery Jar

Lot# 22

The fluted baluster form decorated with a floral and foliate motif in blue, red, and green.
Blue underglaze mark to underside B / 183 / H, 35.
Approximate dimensions: 17 inches high..
Condition: Repair to the lid edge. Minor wear to lid finial glaze.

Estimate: $400 - $600

Lenci Ceramic Nun

Lot# 23

Markings to underside, PE / Lenci / MADE iN iTALY / TORINO 19(37) round sticker Lenci / 601 / TURIN / ITALY incised mark may be later I123226.
Approximate dimensions: 7 1/2 high x 4 3/4 wide x 3 1/4 inches deep..
Condition: Very minor loss to glaze, most notable on the lips.

Estimate: $300 - $400


Lenci Ceramic Woman in Black Dress with Doves

Lot# 24

Markings to underside, in black Lenci / MADE IN ITALY / B later incised mark I146935.
Approximate dimensions: 7 1/4 high x 6 1/2 wide x 6 1/2 inches deep..
Condition: Minimal wear.

Estimate: $400 - $600

Lenci Ceramic Nude Female with Dog

Lot# 25

Kneeling nude female wearing a berret, with a white terrier at her side, on a round bowl form base.
Markings to bowl underside Lenci / MADE ITALY / A remnants of a round sticker.
Approximate dimensions: 11 high x 10 1/8 inches diameter..
Condition: The base with some chips, repairs, and stains. The figure with minimal wear.

Estimate: $1000 - $1500

Lenci Ceramic Nude Mermaid with Child

Lot# 26

The mermaid kneeling, holding a small child.
Marked Lenci / Torino F-1937-XV / MADE IN ITALY - K.
Approximate dimensions: 16 7/8 high x 7 1/2 wide x 7 inches deep..
Condition: Repair to childs arm with remaining 3/8 chip. Repair to childs thumb.

Estimate: $1500 - $2000

American Mid-Century Modern Polia Pillin Pottery Vase

Lot# 27

Los Angeles, California.
Polia Pillin (1909-1992) glazed earthenware ovoid form figural decoration in brown tones.
Pillin in black underglaze to the underside.
Approximate dimensions: 7 1/8 high x 4 5/8 inches diameter..
Condition: Crazing throughout.

Estimate: $400 - $600


Rose Cabat Pottery Feelie Vase

Lot# 28

Rose Cabat (American, 1914-2015). Glazed stoneware mustard glaze over a dark brown pottery body.
CABAT to the underside.
Approximate dimensions: 3 high x 3 inches diameter..
Condition: Minor losses to the mouth.

Estimate: $400 - $600

Two Green Glazed Mexican Pottery Vessels

Lot# 29

Comprising a round vessel on three fet, the body with pinched ribbing accent and a lidded round jar on three feet, with chicken form finial, applied lilypads, spikes, and additional raised decoration.
Approximate dimensions: Vessel 10 3/4 high x 12 inches diameter, jar 14 3/4 high x 10 1/2 inches diameter..
Provenance: Sale to benefit the Triton Museum (Santa Clara CA).
Condition: Some crazing. Loss to jars applied spikes. Small chips to vessel feet interiors not visible when viewing.

Estimate: $300 - $500

Mexican Pottery Figural Group of Men Eating

Lot# 30

Circa 1950.
Twelve figures in yellow robes eating around an oval table.
Approximate dimensions: 11 1/2 high x 14 1/2 inches wide,.
Provenance: Sale to benefit the Triton Museum (Santa Clara CA).
Condition: Two figures are slightly lose due to hairline cracks. Apparent repair to cracks on the underside. Apparent repair to two arms. Additional repairs are likely. Loss to at least two fingers.

Estimate: $400 - $600

Two Baccarat Crystal Black Cat Figures with Two Additional

Lot# 31

All four with seated poses the two additional pieces are accented with white glass to the tail and head.
The two plain black cats with Baccarat acid etched marks to the underside.
Approximate dimensions: 2 1/2 - 6 3/8 inches high..
Condition: Minimal wear.

Estimate: $300 - $500


Antonio Sgarbi Labeled Violin with Richter and Sachsen Bows

Lot# 35

Two piece back. High quality case with hygrometer included.
Violin labeled Antonio Sgarbi da Finale-Emilia / Fece in Roma Anno 1898 one bow marked Josef Richer, the other marked E. Martin Sachsen.
Approximate dimensions: 23 1/4 high x 8 1/8 inches wide..
Condition: Minor surface wear including scratches to the back, two repaired cracks on the body parallel to the fingerboard.

Estimate: $1500 - $2500

Johann Baptist Schweitzer Labeled Violin with Bow

Lot# 36

Patinated finish, single piece back. Hard-case included.
Label is partially illegible, appears to read Joh Bapt. Schweitzer fecit ad formam / Antonii Straduarii Pestini 1855.
Approximate dimensions: 23 3/8 high x 8 1/8 inches wide..
Condition: Apparent repaired crack to the backside, several other potential cracks which appear to be painted on for the patinated look. Minor surface wear throughout.

Estimate: $500 - $800


Antonio Mariani Labeled Violin with Two Bows

Lot# 37

Black double-ilne purfling, single piece back one bow lacking strings with black hard-case.
Label to interior reads Antonio Mariani / Pefaro 1681 bow with strings marked TOURTE.
Approximate dimensions: 23 long x 8 wide x 3 1/2 inches high..
Condition: Some potential restoration including reglued bridge. Loss to purfling. No apparent cracks to the body. Unmarked bow lacking strings.

Estimate: $700 - $900

William Wrigley Jr. Company Briefcase with Wrigley Co. Advertising Photographs and Blueprints for Gum Display Designs

Lot# 38

Circa 1940.
Contents include but are not limited to blueprints, store manager instructions, photos, display instructions, etc. the leather briefcase gilt embossed with WM.L WRIGLEY JR. COMPANY CHICAGO, ILL.
Condition: Paperwork and photos generally in good condition, with better than average condition for the age. The briefcase with some drying and surface wear.

Estimate: $300 - $500

Tooled Leather Saddle

Lot# 39

Comprising the saddle, two accessory bags, and a black metal stand the two accessory bags with DFN monograms the saddle tooled with a floral and foliate motif.
Approximate dimensions not including the stand: 33 high x 25 deep x 20 inches wide..
Condition: Minor surface wear and weathering throughout. Some white surface deposits.

Estimate: $400 - $600

Unusual Armenian Attributed Embroidered Icon in Mirrored and Enamelled Frame

Lot# 40

Probably an icon made to commemorate the massacre of Armenians in World War One.
Circa 1915 - 1920.
The figure of Christ rendered with quilted silk, his beard, hair and crown of thorns of gold threads. Drops of blood rendered in silk thread, drip from the crown toward Christs chest. His red robe, fully embroidered and with gold threads with seed pearls as decoration. All rendered on black velvet, now shot, with gold thread halo, and a band and corners of gilt threads and seed pearls, and red stones. The whole set within a carved black walnut bolection frame, with reverse-painted, mirrored glass panels.
13 x 15..
Condition: Much of the black velvet and some of the silk shot and exhausted. Accent stitching to Christs face done with ink and thread, now worn. Some of the mirroring and glass panels to frame have craked, flaked, etc. One corner decorated mount absent. Still, the image is striking and the stitching work is mostly intact.

Estimate: $400 - $600


Large Paisley Shawl

Lot# 41

In green, red, light blue, white, and brown.
15 cloth label to corner.
Approximate dimensions: 11 feet x 5 feet..
Condition: Minimal wear.

Estimate: $300 - $400

West African Carved Wood Metal Mounted Chiwara Antelope Figure

Lot# 42

Smaller antelope on a larger antelopes back the larger antelope with metal plates to the face and antlers the horns capped with leather wraps and animal hair.
Approximate dimensions: 36 inches high..
Condition: Surface wear throughout. Patina to the metal.

Estimate: $300 - $500

West African Carved Wood Painted Headdress

Lot# 42A

The body painted black, with four white painted faces around the sides, and incised decoration highlighted in white.
Approximate dimensions: 12 1/2 high x 10 3/4 inches diameter..
Condition: Wear to the painted finish. Some cracking to the body. Apparent loss due to holes around the bottom. Some previous insect damage.

Estimate: $300 - $400

African Baule Carved Wood Maternity Figure

Lot# 43

Depicting a mother seated on a stool holding a childs arms.
Approximate dimensions: 31 high x 8 3/4 wide x 9 1/4 inches deep..
Condition: Some surface wear throughout. A range of minor hairline cracks to the legs.

Estimate: $400 - $600


African Baule Carved Wood Male Figure

Lot# 44

Standing male figure with scarification marks, twisted beard, and object in the left hand.
Approximate dimensions: 20 1/2 inches high..
Condition: Patina and surface wear throughout. Some cracking due to wood aging.

Estimate: $300 - $500

Carved Wood Painted African Mask

Lot# 45

Large carved features painted in white, black, and red large hole to the top
Approximate dimensions: 11 high x 10 1/2 wide x 20 inches deep..
Condition: Surface wear and minor paint loss throughout.

Estimate: $400 - $600

Carved Wood and Painted African Mask

Lot# 46

Carved with large features, sharp teeth, and top knot hairstyle raffia to the neck painted in white, black, and red.
Approximate dimensions: 16 1/2 inches high..
Condition: Surface wear and some paint loss throughout. Apparent repair to crack on the side of the head.

Estimate: $300 - $500

Southeast Asian Carved Wood and Painted Mask

Lot# 47

Painted in black, white, yellow, red, and green smiling face with large eyes and mustache.
Approximate dimensions: 19 high x 12 1/4 inches wide..
Condition: Surface wear and patina to the finish throughout.

Estimate: $300 - $400