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Four Polish Theater and a Exhibition Posters

Lot# 245

two Maz i Zona, 1977, by Jan Lenica (1928-2001), printed signed, (Approximate dimension - 27 x 38 inches)
Objects USA Exhibition, 1973, by Romuald Socha (b. 1943) and Elzbieta Procka (b. 1947)
Swoj Wsrod Obcych,Obcy Wsrod Swoich and Niewinni O Brudnych Rekach, by Elzbieta Procka (b. 1947)
(Approximate dimensions - overall: 32.75 x 23.25 inches).
Condition: Husband and Wife has creased and yellowed corners. Swoj Wsrod... has pushpin punctures on corners.

Estimate: $400 - $600